Agrifence is owned by Henderson Products which is a family run company, involved in the Agriculture and Equestrian industry since 1960.In the early years, it was clear that there was a need for good quality and reliable electric fencing to cover a wide range of climates and ensuring that it can operate effectively regardless of the conditions where it was installed. Agrifence also understood that the land varied and the fencing systems had to stand up to different conditions such as short runs, long runs, dry ground, marshy ground etc. Agrifence has therefore developed a range of products at the forefront of advancements in electric fence systems, producing electric fence energisers along with a range of accessories from fence posts to tape, gate handles to insulators, which have been become known for their performance, reliability yet affordability. Electric fencing is an affordable and effective solution, giving only a very minor shock which builds a psychological barrier, training the horse to remain within its designated patch. Whether you are using Agrifence to rotate paddocks or when cordoning off a paddock for a lamanitic pony, we have what you are looking for available here at Ride-away.