Established in the early 1980’s Wintec created the first ever full cloth (synthetic) race saddle, the main objective was to make race saddles lighter than any leather saddle. The synthetic saddles were also much easier to clean than the traditional leather saddles, some jockeys even taking them into the showers with themselves! In 1986 after the huge success of the jockey saddle Wintec set to work in creating saddles for the English leisure riding market, initially these saddles were brightly coloured which was a first in the traditional market. In 1988 Wintec further developed the range leading to superior quality materials, including Equi-suede which was a much comfier material to ride in. Wintec still to this day is the leading supplier of synthetic saddles, now featuring the easy change gullet system in all saddles with either cair or flocking to ensure comfort for both you and your horse. Wintec have a wide range of saddlery which cater to a variety of disciplines including show jumping, dressage and cross country which are available from Ride-Away.