Keith Musto was a far-fetched choice for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, competing in the GB sailing squad he soon realised he was too light and short for the heavyweight flying Dutchman boat he was sailing in. After completing fitness training every day the chances of winning gold improved, and they brought home a silver medal against all odds. Sailors soon became athletes which sparked a realisation; the clothes worn, required vast improvements to raise these athletes to the top of their game. Musto was born in 1980. Keith and his team started producing unique technical sailing apparel. Gaining almost immediate success and clothing the world’s most successful sailors they looked into expanding to other activities. Keith’s daughter is a keen equestrian, and while attending training with her he realised he was the only spectator dry as he was in his Musto sailing kit. This kick-started the expansion to include a flawless technologically advanced equestrian and country sports range. Riders such as Zara Phillips and William Fox –Pitt have worn Musto while competing for many years. The Musto equestrian collection has everything you need, whether you are a competitive rider or happy hacker. Purchase yours today from Ride-Away.