Equilibrium was founded in 2001 by creating one product which solved a big issue, the Net Relief Muzzle Net. Since then the company has grown and developed many products including the bestselling therapy massage pad and mitt offering effective yet affordable massage therapy for Horses and Ponies. Equilibrium know and understand that your horse is special, often your friend, partner and confidant they know this as that is what their horses are to them. Dedicated to improving equine welfare, the aim is to create effective solutions to help solve common problems. By eliminating common problems it allocates a little more time for less faffing and more quality time with you and your horse. Equilibrium are always trying to ensure that their products are up to the highest standards, their priority is to deliver and develop products which really make a difference. The Equilibrium range now includes an extensive range of horse boots and wraps, sun and fly protection, the fabulous massage therapy mitt and pad and the magnetic therapy boots and pad.