Horse Muzzles & Twitches

If your horse has an appetite beyond its needs, you should put a variety of firm but fair actions into place right away. The first place to start is a muzzle, which allows the horse to remain in the field but prevents it from overgrazing. At Rideaway, we have a wide range of horse muzzles, pony muzzles and grazing muzzles available for you. Meanwhile, twitches give you the ability to gently handle difficult horses from the ground, removing the stress and struggle from outdoor time. As for the stable and yard, Haynets and Bags restrict the speed of consumption and keep the fodder stored away between feeding times. Eating quickly and too often can cause listlessness, bad behaviour and poor digestion, as well as weight problems, so deal with any overeating issues straight away. Here at Ride-Away we stock a wide range of Muzzles and Twitches from well-known brands including Shires.