Horse Grooming & Health

Horse grooming and healthcare are two very important aspects of your horse’s well being. Fill your grooming kit with all of the essentials to keep your horse clean and well cared for, including body brushes, main combs and hoof picks. Essentials like shampoo, sponges and sweat scrapers will make bath time much easier, whether it’s for general cleanliness or getting ready for that horse show. Keeping your horses hooves healthy is also very important, browse our selection of hoof oils, varnishes and dressings. It’s not just the outside that counts, keep your horses gut health and joints in top condition with our selection of horse feed supplements from NAF, Dodson and Horrell, Gold Label and more. Looking for a stable toy or some horse treats to keep your horse happy and entertained? We’ve got those too, from the leading equestrian brands.