Horse Fly Rugs & Masks

If your horse is turned out this summer, the chances are you’ll need a fly rug. Fly rugs and sheets protect your horse from biting insects and flies. Not only can flies irritate your horse and cause discomfort, but they can also lead to skin infections and sweet itch. Fly rugs are usually made from a mesh fabric to stop flies getting to your horse's skin and are usually a full neck design with belly wraps for extra protection. For horses suffering from sweet itch, choose a sweet itch rug, designed with a tighter woven mesh fabric. Cope with the unpredictable weather with our selection of waterproof fly rugs and fly sheets. Team your horses fly rug with a fly mask for full coverage, choose from masks and veils with ear coverage as well as nose nets. With choices from top brands like Derby House, Shires and Rambo.