Horse Hi-Viz Gear

When you are out riding it is important to stay safe and visible, especially when you are out on country roads. You and your horse should wear protective, reflective clothing in order to warn other road users of your presence. Stay safe and be seen when you’re out on the roads with the help of Rideaway’s fantastic collection of reflective saddlery. An integral part of our Saddlery collection and an essential part of any responsible rider’s tack, hi-vis saddlery will help to ensure you stay safe and seen when out on a ride. From bright and colourful hi-vis breastplates to hi-vis bridle kits that cannot be missed, at Rideaway we have all the reflective gear you need to stay safe and get noticed when you’re out and about. Whether you go out on the roads because of necessity or as part of your horse’s fitness regime, wearing appropriate reflective wear is a must; especially if you’re riding with children so browse our reflective saddlery collection and you won’t be disappointed.