Airowear has been a worldwide leader of innovation in the equestrian safety market since 1985 and operates from Wrexham in Wales since being purchased by one of the market leaders in riding hats Charles Owen in 2012. Their wide range of safety wear ensures they will have the perfect body protector tailored for any men, ladies, teen or child who is riding doing any discipline, but most notably eventing. They pride themselves in superior fit, make sure the body protectors incorporate the latest technology and meet exceptional quality standards. The superior design and technology has meant their body protectors are created using single panel PVC Nitrile memory foam which has incorporated joints ensuring that the body protectors mould to the form of the rider and most effectively protect the vital organs and ribs in the event of a fall. All of the Airowear body protectors are manufactured and tested to meet the highest safety requirements for the different disciplines for which they serve with the latest standard BETA Level 3 2009 and CE marker EN13158;2009. Airowear boast a range of designs from their back protectors available and are designed especially for Men, Ladies, Teens and Children. From the Hickstead Body Protector that is the first of its kind to be launched for showjumpers and designed to be almost invisible over a show jacket to the Outlyne Body Protector designed as an all-round body protector with UltraFlex, and the lasted Airmesh body protector allowing for enhanced airflow and lightweight foam that moulds to your body. As well as back protectors Airowear also have a range of base layers in a range of colours and a reflective tabard to ensure you are seen in traffic. Airowear have everything you can need to keep you protected to the highest quality and look your best too, that is available here at Rideaway.