Cavallo Equine

Cavallo are the leading manufacturers in equine hoof boots. Since metal horseshoes were invented about 1000 years ago technology has advanced with Cavallo Hoof Boots offering state of the art shock absorbing materials to prove comfort, stability and safety for both you and your horse. Unlike metal horseshoes Cavallos Hoof Boots allow the horses hoof to expand the way nature intended, helping to improve circulation within the hoof and reducing strain on the supporting muscles and ligaments. Most importantly Hoof Boots are intended to be removed after riding allowing your horse to relax just like you do after a hard day on your feet… barefoot. These Hoof Boots are flexible, durable and breathable offering support for your horses hoof while you ride. Cavallos Hoof Boots can be used to protect your horses barefoot or to prove comfort for chronic pain or hoof sensitivity; rehabilitation from injuries, abscesses, punctures and during tailoring. Cavallos hoof boots can be used for multiple reasons and are available here at Ride-away.