Tried and tested review – the Catago Trainer Jacket

Tried and tested review – the Catago Trainer Jacket
When I’m not at the stables, I love taking Biggie the bulldog out to explore. When I was asked to try the new Catago Trainer Jacket, I couldn’t refuse.

I’m super familiar with all the latest products that are released onto the market each season, having been part of the Rideaway team for a little over 12 years. Thank goodness technology and style has moved on from 12 years ago. (Anyone else glad to see the back of body protectors stiffer than brick?!). A product that has moved with the times? The Catago Training Jacket.

The Catago Trainer Jacket

The latest product to really catch my eye is the new Catago Trainer Jacket. Specifically designed for dog walkers and outdoor lovers, this coat also teams up as the perfect ‘all-rounder’ at the yard too.

First thing is first, every dog walker needs a waterproof coat. And this one endures the harshest of downpours with ease. Tick. Basics covered, I’ll get onto the good stuff…

Treat pouch

If your dog is anything like Biggie, they like to snack. Arming yourself with treats before leaving the house is a must. And there’s nothing more annoying than finding a crumbled up treat in your pocket later on at the pub. The Catago coat comes with a treat pouch that clips onto the coat pocket and has a magnetic opening for ease. If you’re wearing your coat and leaving your dog at home, just unclip the treat bag. Easy.

Handy hand pockets

Secure pockets are a must. There are two roomy hand pockets on this coat, which fit plenty in – smart phone, keys, bank card – no problem. And there are magnets that secure the pocket flap either down or up, so there’s no faffing if you’re in and out of your pockets.

Catago Training jacket – roomy hand pockets

Reflective detailing

When you think of high vis, you think of something painfully unstylish. Cleverly incorporated reflective panels that can easily be concealed when you don’t need them gives you the option to be seen when needed. Flip the pocket flaps up and secure them to the magnet for reflective panels, and down again for navy. Genius!

Poop bag dispenser

Does anyone else find themselves trying to hunt down the poop bags before the morning walk? Ok, this could be my favourite thing about this jacket. There’s a poop bag dispenser BUILT IN. Just thread your role of poop bags through the hole that lives in the pocket, and you’re never caught short.

Thumb holes

For avid outdoor lovers, the weather won’t stop us. I love the cosy hand warmer style thumb holes at the end of the sleeves. It also means that there are no drafts or water drips going down your arms.


Biggie is a little stubborn (we could definitely do with working on our recall!) but even he can’t resist the built in squeaker in the collar. It’s hidden away and you’d never know it was there to look at. I never knew I needed this feature in my life, but now I just can’t go back!

Catago Trainer Jacket – Concealed squeaker


A must have for any dog walker or outdoor lover. Seriously, I’ve been bragging about this jacket to every pet mum I know. They’ve really nailed this design, it’s practical but still feminine and lightweight enough to wear all year round with the option to layer up. Catago are basically the Apple of waterproof coats. Whoever designed this coat needs a pay rise, because it’s the best dog walking coat I’ve ever seen.

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