Tried and tested review – Ariat Harper H2O Boots

Tried and tested review – Ariat Harper H2O Boots
Friend of Rideaway, Katie Lewis, puts the Ariat Harper H2O boots to the test. Here’s what she had to say:

Tried and tested review – Ariat Harper H2O Boots
Ariat Harper H2O Boots

My first impressions

When I was asked to try the Ariat Harper H2O Boots, I decided to research what people really look for when choosing a new pair of boots for the winter. Most replies were warmth, comfort and waterproofness. My first impressions were that they are a really smart looking pair of boots.

Katie tries the Ariat Harper H2O Boots

Putting them to the test

It was only right I put these boots through their paces, so I wore them for dog walks, a few full days working on a livery yard and even to an England World Cup match at the pub to really test them over time in different situations.

Initially, I was scared to get them dirty but I decided in order to really test them, they needed to endure a full day on a yard looking after 52 horses, and not just cute dog walks around the woods looking pretty.

Katie tries the Ariat Harper H2O Boots

The verdict

Not only was I complimented on them from all the liveries, but I actually felt like I had great support, much more than a welly can offer. Mucking out, haynets and waters were all done in great comfort.

Bringing in, I thought would be the real test – muddy gate ways and horses dragging me in for their dinners…. But no, these boots did not let me down and with a simple wash down with the hose, they looked brand new again.

The final test was a rowdy night in a sports bar watching the first England World Cup game of 2022. Beer was flying everywhere, and fully grown men jumped on my toes; it was an epic win for England and another win for the boots. There was no beer staining to be seen and again I went home with warm comfy feet and boots that still looked like they just came out of the box.



So, the important bits…

  • You get two sets of laces with these boots and they were so easy to change. I’m sure you could be really creative with lace options if you wanted to be.
  • The boots sit really comfortably around the ankle and offer a good amount of support without being restrictive.
  • Nice sturdy soles with ample grip and of course they really are fully waterproof.
  • You really can see and feel the quality of the boots and I found mine to be true to size. Another great thing I loved is they did not feel heavy or bulky.

      All in all, these are the type of boots I’d call a good all-rounder. A few friends also tried them on and equally really loved them.

      They are happy to get dirty and be a workhorse but equally just as good at looking cute paired with a nice fluffy sock for a dog walk or trip down the local pub. Perfect those horses at 5pm, friends at 5:15pm situations 😉

      To be 100 percent honest I wasn’t a short boot person until I tried these and now I’m fully converted, grabbing these more often than my usual yard welly.

      Overall, yes, very impressed and will no longer ignore a short boot. I am fully converted and sure these will last me a lifetime.

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