Tips to Keep Your Horse Cool in the Summer Heat

While summer is the perfect time of year to make the most of getting outside and riding, the heat can be a serious health risk for most horses and ponies.

To help keep your horse cool and comfortable during the hot July weather, we have pulled together a list of top tips that will help.

  1. Chose the cooler times to turnout your horse

To stop your horse being out in the midday heat, choose different times to turnout during the day, i.e. the evenings.  If possible, the best time for your horse to be out in the summer is overnight so that they can happily stay in a cool stable for the hottest parts of the day.

  1. Always provide shade

If your horse lives outdoors all year round, always make sure there is shade so that they can get relief from the sun. While trees are the perfect source of shade, it’s important to remember that as the sun moves so will the shade, so the more cover the better.

  1. Water is important!

Ensure your horse always has access to plenty of fresh, cool water. An automatic water trough is ideal so that no matter how much the horses are drinking, there’s always fresh water available and you don’t have to keep refilling it. However, there are products that can help make you refilling water buckets easier such as this H2GO Bag.

If your horse doesn’t seem to be drinking then offer encouragement by providing salt licks.

  1. Slow down the work

If your horse has to work then you should slow down the pace during the hot weather. Just as we do, horses get tired much more easily and sweat a great deal more during the summer months.

If your horse becomes hot and bothered you should cool him down slowly with frequent sips of cool water while also sponging him down with cool water.

  1. Avoid sunburn at all costs

Horses can get sunburn too! There are certain spots on a horse which tend to be more sensitive and you should always keep an eye out and try to protect these areas as much as possible. For example a horses muzzle can be prone to sunburn but muzzle protectors are available and unlike sun cream, they don’t wash off.

  1. Coat care

Keeping your horse’s coat clipped and mane and tail trimmed will help to keep them cool and prevent too much sweating, making them feel more comfortable.

Regularly bath your horse with cool water, especially under the belly and neck and inside the legs; shampoo with added sunscreen is also available to help protect against UV rays and sunburn.



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