The History of Tweed

First woven in the 18th century by crafters in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland; tweed was originally known as ‘Tweel’, due to its multi-coloured twill pattern, rough texture, and thicker fabric designed to battle the harsh Scottish winters. Introduced to the British aristocracy in the 1840s by Lady Dunmore and Prince Albert, members of the Southern Aristocracy wanted to wear Tweed for a number of outdoor pastimes.

By the 19th and early 20th century, Tweed became the ideal sporting attire for many. English elites quickly adopted tweed as the ideal outdoor fabric on their upcountry estates. Not only was it seen as the performance fabric of its times for hunting, golfing, cycling, and fishing; it was made popular among the middle class Victorians who associated it with leisurely pursuits of aristocracy.

Today, there are many patterns of tweed that are available for everyone to wear. Whether you’re looking to complete your countryside outfit or are looking to hack your horse in style, here is a list of various types of Tweed.

Cheviot Tweed

Named after a breed of white-faced sheep kept in the Cheviot Hills of Northumberland and the Scottish border, Cheviot tweed is a stiff fabric that has a bright lustre and sharp texture. Generally larger, heavier, and rougher than its tweed counterparts; when woven together tightly, it makes the perfect texture for countryside outerwear. Not only is it durable and firm, it has the ability to drape well and hold a crease.

Shetland Tweed

Located in a subarctic archipelago near the northeast of the Island of Great Britain and Scotland, Shetland tweed is woven from sheep located on Shetland Island. Delicate, fine and slightly shaggy in finish, this tweed is the epitome of countryside casual.

Donegal Tweed

Derived from the Irish country of Donegal, this tweed is coarse and produces a rustic look. Not only does it feature contrast-coloured slubs (fabric woven from yard containing lumps or thick places), but it also can give any outfit a casual, sporty look.

Sporting Tweed

Developed as a form of native camouflage to help hunters blend into the landscape of a particular hunting estate, this tweed;s multiple colour combinations are highly successful in helping hunters hunt effectively. Due to the Tweed’s estate sporting background, this is the primary reason why there are many variations of patterns and colour today.

Thorn proof Tweed

First used in 1860 in Canada, this tweed uses high twist fibres to make clothes tough and resistant to tears or punctures. Effective and practical, this tweed is great for hunting, hiking through thick underbrush, brambles, and gorse.

Country wear looks

If you enjoy the outdoors and the countryside look, these practical and stylish tweed jackets, blazers, and accessories will ensure you stand out whatever you’re doing. Whether you’re hacking with your horse or walking the fields with your horse, here are some ways to wear Tweed.

Tweed Coats/Jackets

A warm, practical, and stylish offering for the Winter season, a tweed coat is a great option for those days when you are tending to your horse or want to fully embody the countryside.

Ladies Tweed Blazers

Offering beautiful feminine tailoring and exquisite detail, the tweed blazer is perfect to wear with a riding shirt and tailored jeans. Whether you are looking for a shorter styled jacket with a subtle tweed pattern or a blazer that has a distinctive look, a tweed blazer is the perfect accessory for any outfit.

Men’s Tweed Blazers

For a smart and casual look, a tweed blazer is an essential staple for the perfect countryside look. Not only is it practical and easy maintenance; it works well paired with a polo t-shirt and jeans or for a more stylish and sophisticated look, combined with dress trousers, crisp shirt, and tie to help you stand out from the rest.


Whether it’s traditional or country chic you’re after, share your love of Tweed with a variety of accessories for your home and the outdoors. Perfect as a gift or a special treat for yourself, complement your Tweed style.

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