The Benefit Of Equestrian Toys

When you buy a horse, there are numerous things you need to buy to ensure they stay healthy and happy. One thing that many owners don’t consider is equestrian toys.

Pet toys are more commonly associated with cats and dogs but you would be surprised just how much horses enjoy playing with toys too. Here are some of the key benefits of horse toys and why they are important.

Preventing bad behaviour

Horses are instinctively a herd animal which means they are happiest when they are kept in groups. If they are kept alone, there are numerous negative behaviours they can start to develop, such as weaving, chewing, cribbing and pawing. However, equestrian toys can really help to keep lonely horses amused.

Horses are playful creatures; particularly young ones. Therefore they need something that can keep them entertained. Horse riding and letting them out in a paddock will keep them entertained on some level but they also need the additional stimulation that toys can provide.

Of course, there is also the fact that toys will help to make your horse generally happy. If you’re looking at ways to improve your horse’s life then a variety of well-built toys is just what you need.

No matter what your budget is or how large your horse’s stable is, there will always be a range of toys to suit your needs.

Types of toys

When you start your search for equestrian toys, you will discover there are various different ones available. It is important to take your time to find the best toy to fit your horse’s personality but you should also make sure that toys are safe, durable and designed specifically with horses in mind. Here are some of the most popular options:

–    Ball: large, durable balls can be chased and kicked by your horse
–    Barrel: a simple yet very effective toy which works in the same way as a ball
–    Treat balls: release treats slowly to keep horses occupied and reward them for playing

There are plenty of variations within these toys and you’ll find plenty of different options you can try. For example, balls can be sold as standard toys and can be kicked or thrown but you can also get options which are mounted onto walls which provide a useful distraction to horses which are kept in stables.

The same also applies to treat balls and toys which can also be free-rolling or wall mounted to provide varying levels of stimuli for horses.

The important thing to remember is that toys are something that every horse should own; particularly if they live alone. Always buy toys and horse equipment that is safe and durable and use a reliable seller like Ride-away to assure quality.

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