Ten minutes in the tack room with… Fiona Hobby

Bolesworth International is playing host to the Ride-away Express Eventing Challenge on Friday 19 June. We have been catching up with the riders who will be taking part.

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Next up, Fiona Hobby:

  1. How old were you when you started riding, who introduced you to riding and which was the horse?
    I started riding very young, having a horse mad mother!  I think my first pony was called Marty – a little grey ‘hand me down’ from my elder sister!
  2. Which other equestrian discipline do you most like to watch?
  3. How do you choose the music for your Express Eventing performances?
    I try to choose upbeat music which suits the horse and has a humorous element to it if possible or is somehow related to the event (HOYS we used the music they use on TV for HOYS)
  4. Do you think horses enjoy music?  How can you tell?
    I’m sure they do, some even seem to try to keep in time.
  5. Which of your horses is your current favourite and why?
    I only have a few horses in at the moment, the one I am riding this year, Fun Time Frankie, belongs to my nephew but used to be one of my eventers and he is everyone’s favourite, he’s a kind gentle giant.  We also have the most adorable 12.2hh coloured jumping pony who is called Eddie, he came to us a terrified, jumpy thing and now is the sweetest, friendliest pony we have ever had.
  6. Do you reward your horses for a good performance and, if so, how?
    Always.  At shows they get polos at home they get some grass/carrot after every schooling/jumping session.
  7. What has been the highlight of your career to date and why?
    Winning the Express Eventing at the Game Fair last year, of course!
  8. What was your favourite subject at school and why?
    English, I love language and writing
  9. If you weren’t a professional rider what would you like to do?
    I would love to be a racing driver.
  10. What would you most like to win that you haven’t already?
    I’m not really sure, the list is long!
  11. Where would you go and what would you do for your perfect weekend?
    I would go away somewhere hot and sunny with my children.
  12. Name a young rider and/or horse to watch for in the future.  What makes them special?
    This is a tricky one…. I guess I had better say Oscar Hobby (my son) if I don’t want to get into trouble! He is dedicated and really wants to get to the top (although he likes to delegate when it comes to tacking up, grooming etc!). I also have the pleasure of teaching some very promising young riders who will hopefully make a name for themselves in the future.
  13. Which horse would you most like to have had the opportunity to compete on and why?
    Oh I think it would have to have been the great Milton, poetry in motion.
  14. Do you have any pets at home? If so, what? What’s your favourite meal – and can you cook it?
    We have Come’ere and Comeon our two Jack Russells who are always getting up to mischief.  My favourite meal would probably be a fillet steak and yes I can cook it but it’s much nicer when it’s cooked for you!
  15. Do you have any lucky charms or superstitions?  If so what?
    I’m very superstitious!  And I ride with a pendant with my children’s thumbprints on it in my pocket for good luck.
  16. What’s your favourite city in the world and why?
    Vienna.  I have never been there and don’t really know what it’s like but it is one place I have always wanted to go….maybe one day!
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