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Summer Essentials Horse Riders Can’t Live Without

Keep your summer running smoothly with these summer tips.

Summer is by far the best time of year for every equestrian. Long days at the yard with our horses and summer adventures. Hot weather is lovely but can be uncomfortable for our horses and ourselves, here are a few tips to help your summer run smoothly.

Summer Essentials Horse Riders Can’t Live Without

  • Suncream – No one wants a painful sunburn or a rider’s tan (burnt arms and white legs) So suncream is a must!
  • Ventilated riding hat – A sweaty head and hat hair is unavoidable in summer, but a ventilated hat can make hot rides that bit more comfortable.
  • Fly spray – Flies are every horse owner’s biggest bugbear (excuse the pun) so keep your horse fly-free with a good quality fly repellent.
  • Ventilated long sleeve top – Long sleeves keep you protected from sunburn while the ventilation keeps you cool, perfect for long rides out.
  • Summer breeches – As it would be quite uncomfortable to ride in shorts, a pair of lightweight summer breeches or tights can keep you cool and comfortable while riding this summer.
  • Deodorant – You might look like a sweaty mess, but you’ll smell great!
  • Sunglasses – You’ll thank us when you don’t get wrinkles from squinting.
  • Breathable horse boots – Our horses work hard during the summer months, so keep them comfortable and cool with a good pair of breathable boots.
  • Fly Rug – Keep those pesky biting bugs away with a reliable fly rug.
  • Fly mask – Give the ultimate protection with a fly mask, perfect for in the field and while out riding.
  • Breathable saddle pad – Horses become very sweaty under the saddle so investing in a ventilated saddle pad that allows airflow will keep your horse comfortable on those warm days.
  • Fly veil – Fly veils help reduce head shaking and help your horse focus while riding by keeping the flies away from their face and ears.
  • Tack sponge – Maybe not the first thing you think of in summer, but your horse’s sweat can damage your leather so giving your tack a quick wipe down after riding in warm weather can help protect it.
  • Water buckets – Ok so our horses have water every day but their water intake increases in summer, so having a few extra buckets is always handy.
  • Electric Fencing – The grass is always greener on the other side! Ensure your fencing is up to the job because no one wants to deal with an escaped pony who has spent all night eating.

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