Store Assistant Olivia Reviews the New Ariat Tri Factor Breeches

The thought of brand new Ariat styles coming to our shelves excites us. When we heard that the new Tri Factor Breeches were being added to our range we thought we’d put them to the test. Our lovely store assistant Olivia took on the challenge and put the new breeches through their paces! Here’s what she thought….

‘My first thought on the Ariat Tri Factor was that the overall look of the breeches was very smart. My pair is dark blue/navy with two front pockets and two allusion pockets on the back. The material felt very light and soft, and I love the amount of detail with the matching buttons on the pockets and around the fly. I also love where the branding is placed on the product. They have the words Ariat quite large at the top of the left leg, Ariat in a smaller font on the right hip and then the logo on the back of the breeches on the waist V panel. The breeches have mesh at the bottom of both legs at the back. I really like this as it helps ventilate your feet in your riding boots.


Once on, the martial is very soft and fits really well, I think that this is down to the V panel that adds extra comfort and helps them shape to my waist. I normally find it quite hard to find breeches or jodhpurs as I have a 25/26 waist but quite muscular legs so I either find that breeches fit too tight around the legs or too loose around the waist. The Ariat Tri Factor breeches have elastic fabric so it shapes around the leg really flatteringly. I found I still had to wear a belt as they were a little roomy around the waist for me in the size 26. The fabric is very flexible and really easy to move in. I normally fit a regular leg in breeches however I found the Ariat Tri Factor fitted a little short on the leg so I would recommend getting the long if you normally fit regular. The other Ariat breeches that I’ve had in the past have been quite a low rise, however I found these to be a mid to high rise which meant that they were very flattering. The breeches also have extra belt loop holes to prevent the belt end from flapping. I believe that this attention to detail makes the overall look of the breeches very smart.


I started off the ride with a quick hack where I found the breeches were soft and allowed me to move freely. Initially I had reserved opinions about the silicon grip seat and knee patches as a few years ago I tried a version from another brand and found the silicon grip to leave marks on my saddle and they felt uncomfortable. Nevertheless I found that the softer grips on the Ariat breeches didn’t leave a mark and were really comfortable to ride in. Later on that day I did some schooling and jumping in the Ariat Tri Factors. As the material is light and flexible it made the transition from one position to another feel smooth, and the breeches made it easy to maintain constant contact with my horse. Whilst jumping, the silicon grips helped me feel more secure in the saddle and ensure that my leg stayed connected to the saddle. After any ride I normally find that my legs and feet can become quite sweaty however due to the icefil technology, which helps to maintain a constant body temperature, any moisture or sweat was absorbed and dried quickly, I found that I didn’t have any moisture or sweat on my legs or feet at all.


Overall I really enjoyed wearing the Ariat breeches as they were light and flexible, smart, very flattering but most importantly extremely comfortable to walk and ride in. As a result of the icefil they kept my legs and feet at a constant temperature and absorbing any moisture making it unnoticeable to me. Due to the soft silicon grips I felt that I was extremely secure in the saddle whilst still allowing movement without creating uncomfortable friction. I’d definitely recommend these breeches, especially to anyone who needs a little extra grip in the saddle.’

We hope you enjoyed reading Olivia’s review of the new Ariat Tri Factor Breeches, which are available in Navy, Beige and White. If the full seat isn’t for you they’re also available in a knee grip design. You can get yours here.


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