Shires Summer Rugs

Here at Ride-away, we are super excited to bring you the new Shires spring summer range, be prepared for a splash of colour, some fantastic designs and most importantly comfort and protection for your horse.  Our huge selection of Shires rugs includes turnouts, fly rugs, fleeces and coolers so whether you are kitting out a new horse or just updating their wardrobe we have what you need.

So let’s start with the turnouts

A turnout is a must even in summer because let’s face it our weather can be pretty unpredictable. We have put together a collection of turnouts which are perfect for the dreary summer days, from standard necks to combos our range has plenty of technical features and some colourful designs while ensuring your horse is comfortable, dry and is sure to turn heads.

Products shown: Shires Highlander Original Lite Turnout Rug – RRP £59.79 Shires Tempest Original Air Motion Combo Turnout Rug – RRP £69.79 Shires Highlander Original Lite Combo Turnout Rug – RRP £68.79
Fly Rugs

The summer months can be the best time to own a horse but also the most frustrating for our horses, so we have a range of fly rugs to keep your horse protected from those pesky flies. With different features to ensure total protection, you know your horse will be bug-free. Why not take a look at the collection of fly masks for ultimate protection?

Products shown: Shires Performance Maxi Fly Rug – RRP £89.79 Shires Tempest Zebra Combo Fly Rug – RRP £52.79 Shires Highlander Plus Sweet-Itch Combo Fly Rug – RRP £73.79

Fleeces and Coolers

Looking for a fleece to match your travel boots and head collar, to arrive at the show in style? No problem, our huge collection of Shires fleeces, coolers and sheets means you will be spoilt for choice. We also have a fantastic range of coolers to throw on after exercise and in vibrant colours and designs, everyone will want to know where you got it from.

Products shown: Shires Tempest Original Mesh Cooler Rug – RRP £29.79 Shires Tempest Original Fleece Rug – RRP £31.79 Shires Tempest Original Stable Sheet – RRP £35.79

Have you got one of the new Shires summer rugs? If so we’d love to know what you think, get in touch in the comments.

The full Shires range is available to shop here

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