Ride-away Meets Young Showjumper Emma Stoker

We recently caught up with Montar sponsored showjumper, Emma Stoker, who told us all about her horses, past and present, and what she’s looking forward to this year…


How long have you been riding and where are you based? 

I have been riding since I was three years old and I’m currently based at Townhead Stud in County Durham.  Below is my first pony Giggy!


Who was your first horse? 

My first horse was called Pitstop and he was a real character. I jumped my first ever puissance on him, clearing 2.05m.


Emma Stoker and her first horse Pitstop


Tell us about the horses that you currently ride? 

I currently have 12 horses to ride and compete. 10 of those are young horses aged 4yrs up to 7yrs. I produce all my horses through the ranks. My two top horses are called Townhead Tallulah V & Townhead Campus; Tallulah and I became Ladies Champion at Scope Festival last year.


What competitions are you working towards this year and which one are you most excited for?

My horses are just getting back to full fitness after having a break for a few weeks, I am now working towards getting them ready for our next show which is more of a tour, we will be heading to Vilamoura Atlantic Tour in Portugal first, then we will move up to Oliva Nova in Spain followed by a show in France on the way home. We will be in Europe for around three months in total and I’m super excited about this; I love my job!


Did you always want to be a showjumper? 

Absolutely! I have never considered anything else.


For anyone who would like to follow in your footsteps, what advice would you give them?

I have two mottos I believe in that I was told by very wise people; “You only get out what you put in” and “If you can dream it, you can achieve it!”


What is your favourite Montar product? 

My favourite Montar product is my white competition breeches; they are so comfortable and super smart.

Emma Stoker wearing Montar white competition breeches

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