Ride-away interview Emma Stoker

Ride-away interview Emma Stoker

Emma StokerHere at Ride-away, we caught up with showjumper Emma Stoker to talk about her recent competitions, which horses she’s riding at the moment and what she loves about the Montar Competition Jacket.




Q: What is it about the Montar Competition Jacket that you like?

A: Quite simply.. Everything! It’s stylish, comfortable and easy to look after. My jackets get a lot of use but still look brand new!

The jacket fits you like a glove. It’s very elegant, although it’s not restricting, you don’t really feel like you have it on.

Even when riding in the summer in hot temperatures, you don’t get too hot, it really makes it a lot easier. It’s also easy to maintain, it goes in the washer and is dry before you know it. I also think the jacket looks really smart but also trendy.

Montar is highly recommended from me, I really feel privileged to have the opportunity of wearing such beautiful clothing. It’s not only the Competition Jackets that I love it’s the Breeches; there are so many different cool styles.

Q: Have you been competing recently? If so, how is it going?

A: Yes we’ve had a very busy summer here in the UK and in Europe. I recently just came back from Scope Festival 2* International Show where we had a great show with the young horses and I also won the Grand Prix so that was a great achievement for me.

Q: Which horses are you riding at the moment? 

A: Right now I am very busy; I’m competing twelve horses at the moment. Ten of those I am producing, they are aged between four and seven years old, so still relatively young. I have two older horses called Campus and Tallulah they are eleven years old they jump in Grand Prix’s for me. I’m very lucky to have such a talented team of horses.

Q: What’s coming up for the rest Horse Jumpingof the year / plans for next year? 

A: I actually only have one show left this year, I am heading to Arena UK in a few weeks’ time. My horses will then have a well-deserved break in October and then we will start training.



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