Keeping your horse calm this bonfire night.

As horse owners, we understand the stresses that bonfire night can bring to our horses and ponies and know even the most relaxed of horses can become distressed by the night, so we have put together a few ways to keep your horses as relaxed as possible.

First of all, think about whether you are going to stable your horse or turn them out during the night, horses thrive on routine so try to keep them in their usual routine.

If you choose to keep your horse or pony turned out in the field during the night then ensure the paddock is safe, all gates are secure and check that there are no broken posts or fallen debris that could cause injury. If using electric fencing, double check the batteries and energisers are performing to their best and all posts and tape are tight with no obstructions on the tape that may prevent the current running through. You can keep your horse occupied with a range of horse toys, treats and even field haynets to slow down feeding time.

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If you have already brought your horse in on a night then it’s advised to keep them in unless you know they will be distressed in a confined space. To ensure your horse is occupied for as long as possible, we have a range of haynets that are designed to slow down the feeding process. As well as haynets, horse toys and treats will keep your horse occupied for longer. Putting the radio on for your horses will help drown out the loud noise of the fireworks.

Products shown – Prostable Hayball Small Holes Stable Toy – RRP £53.95 Shires Greedy Feeder Haylage Net – RRP £15.99 Battles Salt Lick – RRP £2.79

Each year the Firework celebrations seem to start earlier so be prepared for the disturbance a few days beforehand. If you know your horse is particularly distressed by fireworks, we have a range of calming supplements including calming liquids and powders which can be fed over a longer period of time or calming syringes for a more instant response. Before feeding ensure you check the feeding guidelines and feed responsibly. Contact your vet for stronger sedatives to be prescribed if needed. Most importantly keep calm yourself, horses will pick up on your nerves and this will make them tense.

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Remember – Safety comes first, an upset horse can be a dangerous one so be weary the following day when seeing to your horses. Ensure you thoroughly check the field, outdoor arenas and any surrounding areas for fallen fireworks or other debris that may be dangerous to animals.



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