How to assemble and fit a bridle

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This video is a quick and simple guide for showing you how to assemble and fit a leather bridle to your horse. You can discover our wide range of bridles online at Ride-away, including a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find the best bridle for your horse.

If you are struggling to assemble a new horse bridle, our step by step guidance will ensure you put it together and fit it properly on your horse, safely and securely.

Bridles are the ideal way to cue the horse when riding, allowing the horse to know what you would like it to do. Here, we take you through fitting the whole process, including how to fit browbands for horses along with ensuring the reins and throat lash are fully attached, whilst also remaining entirely comfortable for your horse.

If you are looking to purchase a new bridle, or any other related accessories including head collars, stirrups and saddle covers shop our wide range of products available on our website. 

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