Horse Trailer Towing – All The Essentials You Will Need

From December 16th, 2021, all drivers can now tow up to 3,500kg. This change has created so much more freedom for riders.

We’ve picked out we must have horse trailer essentials.

Red Gorilla Tidee Companion Set Manure Scoop
You’re going to want to keep your trailer clean and shiny and this Red Gorilla Tidee set is ideal to do so, not only does it come with a scoop and a rake, but also a broom. The slim and compact size makes it ideal to tuck away into the corner of your trailer or in your car.

Derby House Small Hole Haynet

No matter how far you are traveling it is essential to carry some hay with you, you never know when you could be stuck in a traffic jam or get stuck somewhere. You should always have enough hay to keep your horse fed and entertained throughout your journey, as well as a couple extra haynets and hay in case of an emergency. The Derby House Haynet is small holed and perfect to slow feed your horse throughout your ride and minimise mess and hay wastage.

Derby House Lead Rope & Fleece Head Collar

Things break, it happens to the best of us, that’s why it’s important to always have a spare on hand. Headcollars and lead ropes are no exception. Derby House has you covered, with these stunning headcollar and lead rope sets. grab it in both colours as a pop of colour to add to your trailer.

Derby House Pro Travel Boots

Keep your precious cargo safe when traveling with the Derby House Pro Travel Boots. This pack of 4 boots offers the greatest protection for your horse when traveling. With soft-lined fleece that is not only soft but wicks away excess moisture, making them perfect for both winter and summer.

If you love a bit of matchy-matchy, check out the other items in the Derby House Peacock collection (including the headcollar above!)

Roma Ultimate 10 Piece Grooming Kit

Ever gone to a show or an outing and forgotten your grooming kit? Why not just keep one tucked away in your trailer? The Roma Ultimate 10 Piece Grooming Kit has all the essentials you’ll need to keep your horse looking its best. Need different colour plaiting bands? We have you covered, shop the collection here.

Roma Padded Tail Guard With Bag

There is nothing worse than waking up at the crack of dawn, spending ages washing your horse (especially the greys), loading them up, getting to a show, and finding poop streaks all over their tail. Save yourself the stress and get a Roma Padded Tail Guard With Bag. Keep your horse’s tail clean and protected, ideal for shows.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit, both horse and human are essential for emergencies, and it’s always good to keep one of each in either your trailer or your car. Shop our full collection of first aid essentials here, from Triscrub to Vet Wrap we have you covered. And store it all in The Battles First Aid Carrying Cas. Its green colour makes it easy to identify and find for quick and easy access.

Prostable Water Bucket

No matter where you wander, your horse will definitely need access to clean drinking water. That is why it is imperative to pack water and a bucket in either your car or your trailer. The Prostable Water Buckets come in a variety of colours, with a sturdy handle and made rigid for durability. It is also a good idea to buy a water container to carry your own water with you.

Prostable Flexi Feed Skip Bucket

Feed is essential for long trips or difficult loaders. The Prostable Flexi Feed Skip Bucket is durable, flexible, and lightweight and a great addition to your trailer. Partner it with The Equilibrium Cosi Bucket Cover to prevent any spills.

Lincoln Tub O’ Treats Horse Treats

Who doesn’t love a treat? Treats are useful to keep in your trailer to reward your horse, calm them or even coax the stubborn ones into the trailer. The Lincoln Tub O’ Treats will keep you with treats on hand for a good while.

QHP Trailer Loading Line Training Aid

Loading on your own or have a difficult loader? The OHP Trailer Loading Line is a long rope, with a handle on each end, to help guide your horse into the trailer. Ideal for use when loading alone or with a stubborn horse, it puts pressure on the rear of the horse to guide it forward.

QHP Trailer Tie 90cm Safety Tie

Keeping your horse safe when traveling and when out is every rider’s priority. The QHP Trailer Tie is made with safety in mind featuring a carabiner to attach to the trailer and an easy break panic clip on the other end to attach to the horse’s headcollar. An absolute must-have for every trailer.

Some other bit that would be useful to keep in your trailer:

Puncture repair kit

Baling twine

Mobile Phone Charger




Trailer Jack


Warning Triangles

Horse Passport

Oh and don’t forget the horse!

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