Horse riding clothing for men

Horse Riding clothing for Men

From the stable to the saddle. Here is our buyer’s guide on what to wear at the yard and while horse riding.

Horse riders certainly put their clothing and footwear to the test from stable duties to hours spent horse riding. But before we think about the best products on the market and what to spend our money on, we need to know what outfit to wear on the yard and in the saddle.

Horse Riding clothing for Men

Clothing for on the yard…

No matter what season, it’s no secret that equestrians know how to get dirty. So avoid white! Practical colours are your friend on the yard. Our go-to is darker coloured breeches or jodhpurs such as olive or navy. Softer, elasticated fabrics allow room for movement.

Whatever the weather, come rain or shine we’re out in it. Our unpredictable weather means our coat is never far away. A high performance jacket is essential, we recommend brands such as Ariat and Barbour.

Step this way. Comfort is key when you’re on the yard, 1 hour quickly becomes 2 and before you know it you’ve been at the yard all day. Yard boots and wellies need to stand up to our daily tasks so we recommend looking for features such as ‘barn resistant sole’ and ‘waterproof construction’ when shopping.


Everyday horse riding wear…

When it comes to your riding wear, we take comfort over looks, every time! But with our collection of men’s riding wear, you can have both. We recommend investing in a good pair of breeches with stretch fabric for maximum room to move. Look out for features including knee patches and full seat, these offer extra grip in the saddle.

Thinner layers prevent you from getting too hot while riding, but always have that coat at the ready, you never know what the weather might do.


Competition clothing…

Now’s your time to shine. The blood, sweat and tears that have been invested into getting your horse ring ready can’t be put to waste with the rider in the wrong outfit. Depending on your discipline, competition days can be long and often hot if you compete during the summer months. We recommend a lightweight, breathable show shirt and jacket. A white or cream shirt and breeches are most commonly worn but will depend on your discipline.

Long riding boots are often an investment but if looked after, will last you years. Smart and traditional, long riding boots are worn in most disciplines. A classic long boot tends to be worn by dressage riders while a lace at the front allows extra movement in the ankle which is ideal for showjumping, eventing and cross country.


Size guides are available on our products to help you get the perfect fit.

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