Horse Insurance: A Must or Myth?

All types of insurance can be expensive – whether you’re protecting your home, the car, your life or your horse.

While it might be tempting to “go without” in order to save a few pennies, it isn’t worth the risk, especially with horses.

Why do you need horse insurance? 

In a world where people are taken to court for all kinds of frivolous cases, insurance can help keep you protected.

If your horse should happen to damage a car as a result of a road accident or should someone have a fall while riding your horse then you could face an enormous bill. Horse insurance provides a guarantee that if an accident does occur then at least you won’t bankrupt yourself trying to cope with the financial consequences.

More than just protecting you against legal action taken by other people, horse insurance can also help you deal with damages to yourself.

Horse theft is on the increase and while recovering from this type of incident is hard enough emotionally, it can also lumber you with a considerable financial burden.

Equine insurance provides you with compensation in this type of event and can even be used to help you fund efforts to recover your horse.

The usual protection of helping you cover veterinary and treatment bills should your horse become unwell is also provided via horse insurance.

How do you know you have the right protection?

All insurance policies contain different clauses and terms and conditions so when you insure your horse you must make sure that you have chosen the best policy for your animal.

You don’t want to take out a policy that’s perfect for a family hack when you have a thoroughbred that’s used for eventing or dressage so always read the small print and understand the full ins and outs of your policy.

Sections concerning vet’s fees should be of particular interest as not all cheaper policies cover different types of fees.

What about insuring your stables?

You may think that your standard home insurance covers your stables and feed store but this isn’t always the case – especially once hay and straw are taken into the equation.

This may mean you have to invest in separate insurance to cover these areas and the valuable contents which they are responsible for storing.

Before you buy a new policy, check with your existing home insurance provider to check that you are not covered and speak to them about options they might have that are suitable for your situation.

Why is horse insurance not a myth?

As we all know, horses are expensive – to buy, maintain and care for. Without insurance you could find that you are left severely out of pocket should the worst happen.

Horse insurance is therefore an absolute must for any equine lover so always consider options when buying your horse and regularly check up on policies to make sure you’re covered.

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