High Viz and Reflective

As the clocks go back and darker nights draw in, horse riders know it’s time to bring out the Hi Vis and reflective wear ready for evening hacks and the gloomy weather.

But why is it so important that all horse owners are kitted out with Hi Vis gear?

Not all riders like to wear the bright pink or yellow fluorescents however the equipment plays a vital role in you and your horse’s safety whilst out hacking or even just leading your horse to and from the field.

So, what to wear? We’ve pulled together some of the best products plus top tips on how to wear them.

There are many types of Hi-Viz products, not only for you but for your horse as well. From fluorescent jodhpurs to reflective bridle kits, there’s plenty to make you be seen and keep safe.


For You

Jackets and Gilets

Clothing such as the Harry Hall Hi-Viz gilet comes in a flattering style with a fit like any other fashion gilet. Wear it over a bright colored base layer for extra warmth and you won’t have to think about putting on a tabard before you leave the yard!



Typically worn over your winter clothing, tabards come in a variety of styles and can include a statement on the back to remind traffic to slow down when approaching you and your horse. Tabards are available in pink, orange or yellow and can include statements such as PLEASE SLOW DOWN, PLEASE PASS WIDE AND SLOW or CAUTION.


Hat Covers and bands

Hat covers and bands fit on most standard hat sizes and offer extra visibility when out on the roads


Arm/leg bands

Arm bands can be extremely useful when signaling whilst hacking out on the roads


For Your Horse

Exercise sheets

Wraparound sheets fit around the saddle and can be removed without the need to remove the saddle, whereas exercise sheets sit underneath it. Available in various sizes and shapes the sheets are also an extra layer for the colder days and nights.



The Woof Wear Club Reflective Boots are a great example of boots for your horse that not only protect their legs but also include high visibility reflective straps to ensure safety during road work.


Bridle Kits

These attach to your horses bridle no matter what size. They will help to increase visibility from the front and side on.



Breastplates such as the Roma Reflective breastplate attach at the front of your horses neck and are a quick and simple way of offering head on visibility.


Ear veils

Ear veils sit on your horse as a fly veil would and are designed to sit comfortably with a bridle. Hi-vis veils will help catch the attention of drivers as it will often show over hedgerows or high walls or fences.


Don’t be a dark horse!

Check out The British Horse Society’s Be Seen…Be Safe campaign highlighting the importance of hi-vis clothing no matter what time of day or weather conditions.


Hi-ghly regarded

There are no laws to say that horse riders must wear hi-viz clothing when riding but we highly recommend it for you and your horses safety. Why don’t you take a look at our website to find some hi-viz products that suit your taste?

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