Ride-away catches up with Rosie Pocock from Griffin NuuMed

How long has NuuMed been in business?          

We are in our 26th year.

 Where are all the products made?

All the products are made at our base in Somerset England – and we also source, wherever possible, all our raw materials in the UK. Being based here means we not only have full control over the product quality but it also means we are never out of stock because if a product is not on the shelf, we make it!

We also have a very busy embroidery side to the business and an equally busy made to measure section designing and creating products for individuals, saddle companies, saddle fitters, race yards etc – you name it, we can make it as long as we have the raw materials.

United Kingdom Flagge auf Holzwand

Who started the company  and what was the inspiration?

My late husband, Ian, started the business. He rode and realised there were no decent saddlepads which properly followed the contours of a horse’s back and sat up off the withers and right along the gullet to ensure no pressure points – so he consulted Mary Bromiley to make sure he understood what was needed and then he and his team of machinists (2 of which are still with us)  made a NuuMed numnah and it worked!

cutting wool to make a saddlepad

And from that first GP Original wool numnah, NuuMed now has over 50 different styles all specifically designed for designated activities – and all made in the UK.

Colourful embroidery cotton

Key qualities of a NuuMed saddlepad or numnah?

NuuMed fitting 7 - web

  1. Design and fit. They fit both horse and saddle and are specifically designed for their suitability for a particular scenario eg dressage, jumping, showing, endurance, racing , side saddle – and to address specific issues like slipping saddles.
  2. Product quality ie. the material used and the skill of the team that make it
  3. Longevity – due to the quality, NuuMed pads are renowned for their durability
  4. Ease of looking after – you can machine wash them time and time again and they don’t fall apart or shrink!

 Any exciting news we should look out for?

NuuMed are supplying all the saddlepads being used by the GB teams at the Rio Olympics which start on August 5. This will be the third consecutive Olympics where the teams will use NuuMed pads.

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