Get Competition Ready

Competition season is upon us so we have pulled together some top tips and advice for helping you to prepare for a summer of fun with your horse.

Whether you’re eventing, show jumping, competing in dressage or at your local gymkhanas we have everything you need to know.

It’s Shoe Time

Be prepared for the summer shows on grass by getting your farrier to put stud holes in. You can buy full a stud set such as the Shires Hiphood Spanner Stud Set or individual studs if any go missing.

Matchy Matchy

If you’re eventing why not get your very own matching colours? You can even customize your own cross country shirt, like the Equetech Custom Unisex Shirt then pick matching colours for your hat cover and saddle pads.

Squeaky Clean

Have you oiled your tack after the wet winter we have endured? Make sure it’s nice and supple for the summer season. We recommend the Carr Day & Martin Neatsfoot Compound before applying a saddle soap, such as the Effax Leather Balsam a couple of days later, after the oil has soaked in. Then it will be ready and shining for your next competition.

Sleep Overs

If you’re staying overnight at any shows or events be prepared for the long treks to and from the stables and taps to get water. The H2Go Bags means no more lugging heavy buckets about; just simply use your wheel barrow!

Don’t sweat

Make sure you stock up on Electrolytes for the hot summer ahead. These are important as they replace ion salts lost through the horse sweating during exercise; however remember it is essential that horses have plenty of water available to them when taking any electrolytes.

All the baggage

We know how much luggage you need to take for you and your horses when travelling. Prepare in advice by using specific luggage carriers for your equipment so nothing gets dirty or damaged. Travel in style with the matching Shires set which even includes a matching dog coat.

Look the part

Not all horses like having their mane and tails pulled but if you need to smarten your horse up there is a painless alternative. Solocombs do exactly the same job but make the process much easier for both you and your horse.

Hair free, carefree

Are you struggling to get rid of your horse’s winter coat? We recommend using a shredding blade, this is a great way to remove any excess hair and every horse loves a good back scratch. Some even double up as a sweat scraper meaning you can save space in your grooming kit.


You’ve worked and worked to make sure your horse is looking spick and span the night before your show but as you arrive at the stable hours before you’re due to compete you realise your horse has rolled in poo and is covered in stains! If you have a horse that is prone to rolling the night before a show, stain remover such as the Animology Patch Work is a must have. You can use this on your horse’s body, mane and tail and take it to shows just in case.

Plait it up

Worrying about plaiting up is the last thing you need along with any show nerves you may have. Why not make your life easier by using the NAF Plait It Up Spray, this keep the wisps and strays at bay for show stopping plaits every time!

Everything you need to get competition ready is on our website. You can also call us on 0800 917 9204 to make an order or go in-store.

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