Foal Photo Of The Month

Who can resist pictures of cute foals? We certainly can’t and that’s why we like to keep on top of our regular ‘Foal Photo Of The Month’ segment.

And this month’s contender is …

Horse crazy

Striking what can only be described as a “distinctive pose”, we just couldn’t resist including a photo of this happy-go-lucky foal on the blog. As funny pictures of horses go, it’s definitely up there amongst the best. But what made us choose it from all the other contenders to make it into the spotlight?

  • Action: The rules of photography state that catching an action is always a sure-fire way to achieve a winning photograph. Animals often do funny things but managing to catch them mid act is not always so easy to achieve. The sheer skill of capturing this motion-laden image but it straight at the top of the shortlist.
  • Humour: While there are likely to be plenty of good pictures of foals and horses out there, you can’t beat ones which add a bit of humour to proceedings. What we loved about this photo was the fact that the subject was pulling all manner of funny faces. From the unhinged eyes that almost seem to roll around the page to the flared nostrils, tilted head and exposed teeth – this horse certainly knows how to captivate our attention.
  • Individuality: Finally, what really drew us to this photo was the individuality which it shows. More than just a funny foal photo, it has numerous elements at work to create a fun and lively photo. Motion is captured to give the image plenty of life and energy but there is also an interesting angle used to take the photo and even a blurred background that really emphasises what’s going on in the foreground. In some ways, it almost looks like a horsie selfie – and that’s something no one can resist to admire!

Got your own funny foal or horse photo? Share it with us and see if your equine friend can become an internet star!

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