Foal Photo of the Month

Animals are funny creatures – we all know that – and horses are certainly no different. From odd facial expressions to strange behaviour, foals, ponies and horses can produce some of the funniest pictures around. Here’s our favourite from this month:

What you laughing at?

Who said horses don’t have a sense of humour? Add pretty much any caption you can think of to this image and you’ve got an internet sensation on your hands.

Cute foals always attract plenty of attention from passers-by but catch a glimpse of this braying star and you might find yourself even more enamoured. Those distinctive teeth and lips are certainly getting a decent workout in the photo but what we love more is the subtleties of the photo.

Look closely at the horse’s face and you’ll notice that the eyes appear closed – just like ours shut when we fall into a hysterical fit of the giggles. Even the shape of the eyes and mouth seems to form a smile, making it clear that this equine beauty is far from unhappy.

Move further down the body and there are more signs that something has tickled this foal silly. The belly looks fit to burst with a hearty laugh and even the position of the legs show that they’re preparing for a long, hard laugh.

What the horse has found so funny may remain unknown – we just hope it wasn’t because they caught a glimpse of us in our riding gear!

Sharing the laughs

Funny pictures of horses may not be that hard to come by but we still think this one will take some beating! Almost cartoon-esque, it’s an image that we love sharing with friends to spread the laughter and happiness.

Add your own funny caption to personalise or think of all the things this horse could be laughing at – whatever you do, we know it’ll justify giving this foal our photo of the month award.

Got your own funny foal or horse photo? Share it with us and see if your equine friend can become an internet star!

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