Collegiate Comfitec Bridles – What makes them Anatomical?

What is an anatomical bridle?

With lots of research on the horses cranial nerves emerging, we’re seeing the term ‘Anatomical’ and ‘Ergonomic’ arise more and more when it comes to bridles, but what does that actually mean and how can it benefit my horse?

There are a few anatomical bridles on the market; the latest to arrive is the Collegiate Comfitec Range, we’re really excited to have this on our shelves. But before we get onto the bridle itself, let’s delve into the reasons behind why these bridles have been created in the first place.

Much like your own body, your horse has pressure points and sensitive nerves including their face. There are numerous cranial nerves that have different roles, some are related to smell, balance, vision, neck muscles and even heart rate. Pressing on these areas can cause hindrance to all of these functions. Let’s think about our own bodies for a second, imagine being asked to walk across a balancing beam whilst someone is pushing on your pressure points, it’s likely that you’ll fall. In the same instance, how can you expect your horse to remain well balanced if the bridle is putting pressure on the ‘balance’ cranial nerves?

Collegiate have addressed this head on. Check out the diagram of their new Comfitec Bridle that illustrates how pressure on the cranial nerves are being avoided or relieved in 6 areas.


The headpiece and browband are both anatomically shaped meaning an even spread of pressure across the poll and face. It also boasts an interesting ‘slide nose’ piece which alleviates pressure form the nerves running down the side of your horses face. The sliding noseband also means that you’re able to adjust it to sit in exactly the right place.

Collegiate ComFiTec Patent Snaffle Bit
Collegiate ComFiTec Patent Snaffle Bit – £119.79

Apart from the very well thought out design features, these bridles are also made from high quality European leather and stainless steel fastenings so they’re sure to last. The Collegiate Comfitec Bridle is also available in a crystal browband version for those who like the added bling. The great thing about them is that they are also approved to BD, BE & FEI regulations (excluding the sheepskin noseband). You can check out the full range of Collegiate Comfitec Bridles here.

Collegiate ComFiTec Sheepskin Bridle
Collegiate ComFiTec Sheepskin Bridle – £124.79

We’d be interested to hear your experience of using an anatomical bridle and whether it worked for your horse, let us know in the comments.

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