The Best Places in the World to Go Horse Riding

The Best Places in the World to Go Horse Riding

If you’re a lover of horses and a lover of holidays why not combine the two? Taking time out from a long hard day of sunbathing and sight-seeing is often needed when you’re away and what better way to use that time off than to get back in the saddle and see your vacation destination from a whole new view point?

Horse riding abroad can be a whole new experience and definitely one worth investing a little time into.

If you’re unsure of where to get the best out of your horse riding when on holiday then here a few of the best places in the world to try.

Girl riding a horse on the beach, with the sea in the background


  1. Nevada, USA


Warm weather and beautiful scenery, Nevada is one of the coolest places to get into the saddle and look around. If you’re looking for a feel good time and the opportunity to feel like a real-life cowboy, a gallop across the Nevada sands in the early morning will make you think you’ve jet back in time to the old western movies.


Authentic Nevada packages can come with cattle herding, fence mending and even eating beans from the can. If you fancy a little break from your usual riding routine, hop into the cowboy saddle in Nevada and you’ll be sure to fall even more in love with horses.


  1. Andalucía, Spain


This one really is for the scenery lovers. Heading into Andalucía, this trip takes the focus from country riding and places you right at the coast and amongst the waves.


Gallop along the sand and ride into the water – you really are treated to a little bit of heaven on earth and so too are the horses.


Particularly friendly to new riders, take this opportunity to explore some beautiful views and drink some beautiful drinks.


  1. Dartmoor, England


Dartmoor is ideal for those of you who already have your own horse and fancy taking your best friend with you on holiday.


Lydford House offers 13 stables for your pretty pony and better yet, it’s free! You pay for your own accommodation and the horse comes free.


Minutes away from beautiful open land and some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK, a horsin’ holiday in Dartmoor is a must for any equestrian fanatic!


  1. Aveyron, France

Finally, if you want to take to the beautiful French countryside and find yourself galloping through vineyards and cantering into beautiful woodlands, then look no further. even let you have a look at the horses online before you fly out, allowing you to fall in love before you’ve even got there! Not to mention the beautiful food and wine on offer by the programme. All in all, horses, food and wine, you really cannot lose.


So next time you’re booking a holiday away, maybe consider giving it a nice equestrian twist or even bring your beloved horse with you. You’ll be bound to have a holiday to remember!

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