5 Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Wellies

During the cold and rainy seasons, Wellington boots are the perfect choice for keeping your feet warm and dry whilst you’re out with your horse. Designed to withstand any country pursuits, these boots are perfect for doing your day-to-day tasks to enjoying an afternoon stroll out with your horse.

Choosing the right pair of Wellington boots can be a bit daunting; however, we have 5 reasons why you need a pair:

  1.  Helps keep you warm

For those wintery days when you’re out in the yard, Wellington boots are designed to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Offering lining inside to protect you against the cold weather, there are several different types of lining to choose from. Great at keeping your feet warm and dry in wet and nasty conditions, neoprene lining help keep your feet comfortable down to -40C. Leather lined wellies are a great insulator and are extremely comfortable and practical. For the ultimate warmth and luxurious feel, fur lined wellington boots are another option to choose from.

  1.  Perfect wardrobe accessory

Great addition to your outfit whether you’re out in the yard or mucking out the stable on a rainy day, wellingtons are not only fashionable but very practical. In a variety of colours and customisations to choose, they are brighter and more colourful than your traditional yard boots. Tall Wellington boots can be paired with riding jodhpurs, stylish skinny jeans or even leggings when you’re out mucking out the stable. No matter the weather outside, these boots can give any outfit a stylish look whether you’re heading to the yard or preparing for a long country walk.

  1.  Great for any outdoor activity

Not only are your boots a great choice of footwear when it’s cold outside, your Wellingtons are perfect for any out outdoor activity. Whether you are lunging your horse or spending additional time bonding with your horse, these boots offer the ultimate protection and comfort.

  1.  Easy to clean

Most commonly worn when muddy, rainy, or snowy conditions, your boots will inevitably pick up dirt and mud. Not only are they easy to clean leaving you time to do other things, all you need is your everyday household ingredients. To clean the exterior of your boots, use a clean rag, and an old toothbrush to scrub off the dirt and warm water with dishwashing liquid.

  1.  Long life span

First made in the early 1800s, Wellingtons were made in calfskin leather and were popular with the troops due their durability and comfort. Nowadays, boots can be made out of either rubber, polyvinyl chloride, or halogenated polymer making them sustainable against splashes of mud and water while offering a warm, snug fit. To preserve the lifespan of your wellies, spray your boots every month with rubber boot spray and rub it in with a soft cloth. Also, storing your boots in a dry room away from direct sunlight can maximise the shelf life even further. If you aren’t planning on using your boots for a while, place crumpled newspaper inside your boots to help keep their shape while preventing bugs from entering into them.

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