Stable & Tack Room

Browse our extensive range of stable equipment and accessories here at Ride-away. From bucket covers to tack trolleys, we have everything you need to maintain an efficient stable or yard. Due to the nature of a horse’s environment, floors can become cold and slippery. Rubber matting counteracts this risk by being soft, supple and insulating, speeding up the cleaning process and reducing the risk of slipping. Your horse’s fitness, meanwhile, relies heavily on fresh food, which is where high-quality haynets and hay bags come in very useful. These keep the hay off the ground during feeding and are perfect for storage, so you can rest assured that the fodder will remain clean. Choosing the right feeding trough is important too, as they need to be accessible for the horse and suited to your own requirements. A well-designed trough encourages your horse to drink and prevents dehydration that can lead to illness. Safety is also about reliable storage of equipment, saddle racks can be freestanding, wall-mountable or collapsible, keeping the saddle safe and secure, and a tack trolley will prevent strain and injury during transportation. Finally, the horse’s wellbeing is crucial and should be upheld and monitored using professional grooming equipment, this means that your horse looks and feels its best which in turn encourages good behaviour and greater trust between animal and owner.