Stable Rubber Matting

Keep your horse warm, comfortable and well insulated with our selection of rubber matting here at Ride-Away. Not only does it help combat respiratory disorders, it can reduce the time you spend mucking out the stable. To help speed up the cleaning process, shop our range of hoses and shovels. As a horse owner you can’t go wrong with rubber matting installed in your horse's stable. Unlike any other material, it’s soft, comfortable, warm and insulating, improving the wellbeing of your horse and making mucking out a far swifter process. Rubber flooring is also dust-free and helps combat respiratory disorders, plus it saves up to 80% on bedding costs, making it a sound investment. A particularly handy type is LokMat, which comes in interlocking pieces that allow you to fill any space easily and effectively without any gaps. Stable mats can be fitted throughout the premises or reserved for key areas that you think require them most. Whatever the case, rubber matting for stables speeds up the cleaning process, especially when using hoses to wash away dirt, grime and loose materials.