Saddle Pads, Numnahs & Saddle Cloths

The perfect accessory for your horse, choose from our stock of high-quality numnahs, saddle pads and saddle cloths and pads that promises both you and your horse comfort and protection. Available in various colours and designs including black ones, navy, blue, green, purple, grey and loads more, get the perfect numnah to match your outfit no matter what level your riding skills are. Available for all disciplines at all levels, our saddle cloths and pads really are an essential purchase. Choose a working hunter numnah designed to fit a straight cut working hunter saddle perfect for the showing ring or go for an anti-slip numnah that guarantees to stay firmly in place, no matter what. We also have a wide range of adjustable saddle pads, numnahs and half pads, perfect if your horse changes shape throughout the seasons.