Since 1980, Tilley has been designing hats that encourage people to live a beautiful life in the outdoors. Their products celebrate the natural elements and are inspired by the earth’s diverse landscape, creating timeless pieces that provide joy and comfort to your outdoor passions. Tilley pride themselves on their innovative products that effortlessly combine style and function, giving classics a modern twist. Tilley’s hats are well-fitted and created using high-quality craftmanship, materials and textile innovations, setting the standard for durability, quality, and performance. The inspiration for the Tilley hat was born on a windy day in Canada on a beautiful boat called the Karmananda. On this boat was Alex Tilley who decided he wanted to create a hat that could withstand the diverse Canadian weather. Since then, Tilley has shipped their products globally, yet still, stay true to their precise and well-practised processes. Each hat takes 23 pairs of hands to make and are designed to last a lifetime. Browse our collection below.