Le Chameau

Nearly 100 years ago, in a small seaside village in the north of France, Claude Chamot began his journey to create the most comfortable and best-fitting rubber boot. He listened to the stories of farmers, hunters, and fishermen who desired boots that would support their daily labours and from then began the story of Le Chameau. Over the years, Le Chameau have built a reputation of trust with their customers as they produce consistently soft, durable and comfortable rubber boots. Their boots to this day use the same original rubber construction and are made by technically trained maître bottiers, a position that requires nine months of intensive training to perfect. These unwavering high standards make Le Chameau a reliable, yet stylish choice for exploring the outdoors. Within our collection, you can find men's wellington boots, women's wellington boots, Chelsea boots, kids wellington boots, rubber boot care spray, boot bags and more.