Kevin Bacon

The original famous Hoof Dressing was originally developed in 1984 after a horse was suffering from an avulsion fracture of the front right heel. After searching the market and coming up blank with a suitable product to heal it, several friends which included vets, homeopaths and chemists came together to create a fabulous product. After carrying out some research, the world famous hoof dressing was born, a 100% natural product based on animal fat, vegetable oil and fresh bay leaves. Kevin Bacon is a renowned top international Australia show jumper, and after discovering the fabulous properties of the Hoof Dressing he wanted to put his name on it. Now the Kevin Bacon’s hoof care range has expanded and is used by many vets, farriers, and equine professionals including John Whitaker, Richard Davison and Andrew Nicholson. Purchase yours today from Ride-Away and see the difference in your Horses hooves.