Born in 1937, in a small town on Ireland’s stunning west coast was Dubarry, a joint venture between a local board and a family that specialised in English footwear production. What was, at the time, a small co-operative company established to create employment has now become a global specialist manufacturer of high-quality leather. The name Dubarry derives from French courtesan Madame du Barry, mistress to King Louis XV in the 18th century and is synonymous with the brand’s effortless blend of French style and British craftsmanship. Dubarry has a longstanding heritage of local craftsmanship and excellent design inspired by the wild west coast of Ireland and Galway’s local history of sailing. The brand developed a natural partnership with the equestrian community and even sponsored the Burghley Young Event Horse Series alongside the renowned Burghley Horse Trials. In its over 80 years of production, Dubarry have designed leather apparel from traditional country boots, elegant accessories, neat clothing and more, all of which you can find here at Ride-away.