Breeze Up

Breeze up is a leading brand specialising within racing equipment designed to suit jockeys. Breeze up have tailored their designs to suit the hard demands jockeys face when racing to ensure you are looking the part when crossing the winning line. Breeze up offer a range of products for jockeys including hat silks, racing breeches, goggles, and racing whips. The Breeze up hat silks are specialised with their smaller peak ensuring it does not blow off your hat with the speed of the race and their racing googles feature anti-mist technology to ensure that you can see the whole way through the race without them steaming up. Breeze up also offer racing breeches designed to be practical, tough and water resistant tailored for the exercise or track rider, along with robust racing whips used during exercise. The full Breeze up collection is available here at Ride-away.

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