Established in 1892 Absorbine began creating healthcare products for the equestrian market. Mary Ida and her husband Wilbur Fenelon Young struggled with lameness in their horse’s and were determined to create a product humanely treats sore and lame horses. An avid gardener and Herbologist Mary set about creating a product which formulated healing with herbal remedies and essential oils into a tincture created to increase blood flow and speed healing. Once the product was perfected and used daily, it was named Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment. As word spread throughout the equine world the results were the same, everybody loved the humane yet effective way to relieve sore joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Inspired by Mary Ida and Wilburn’s vision, Absorbine has continued to innovate a full range of products, and for more than a century now the Absorbine range has been trusted by riders and trainers all over the world. Their variety of products includes coat care, hoof oils, leather care and shampoos which have all been specially formulated to create a reputable product portfolio. Browse our collection Absorbine products, as well as horse health care products, all available here at Ride-Away.